Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We made it to 782 on Twitter! Yay!

Antenna Witch-Ball and Diana's Commonplace Book
Wow!  We've made to 782 followers on Twitter! To those of you who haven't read the All Souls Trilogy, let us explain.  Ashmole 782 is the manuscript that triggers all of the action in the story, and it's what Matthew and Diana seek throughout the entire series (also known as 'The Lost Book,' or 'The Book of Life' depending on what type of creature you are.  One character even called it 'The Book of Death!'). It's not just any case you thought we were being ridiculously random!

True to tradition, when we reach this number on our social media accounts we hold a giveaway to thank our followers.  The only other venue we've ever done this on is Facebook (so far), and we are really excited to add Twitter to the ranks!

A short story about us and Twitter.  In October, 2012 (prior to any thought of a campaign—we know! What?!), we'd individually log in and stumble around on Twitter trying to reach out to the right people to get our #RA4MC message across to anyone who would listen.  It was. . .interesting.  The 140 character limit kept choking us, and forget the proper use of hashtags!  Foreign!  For a while we were essentially just communicating truncated messages to each other!  It's really pretty surprising we didn't hang it up then, and go right back to chatting on FB messenger.  It turned out to be a good thing that we were passionate enough to stick it out!

We've come a long way, and this is a major milestone for us.  Thank you for helping us get here. Thank you for hanging in with us so long (even if it's just for the great pictures!)

We are giving away the famous—famous in the AST world, anyway...and now sort of rare—version of Diana's commonplace book, issued by the Viking promotions department during the hardcover release of 'The Book of Life' last July.  The only place you can get it now is in the box set of hardcovers, and sometimes the publisher will give out a few during events.  We are also pleased to be able to offer Aunt Sarah's really cool witch-ball (actually featured in 'The Book of Life!')  We searched high and low for them!  Every place we found had them out of stock, so it's a pretty special item. Both were gifts from Matthew to Diana and Sarah Bishop—Sarah also got a cool car out of the deal; Matthew is a great gift-giver!  We'd love to give one out to each of our 782 + Twitter followers, but we are Daemons of a limited budget, so it's either a bulk order of witch-balls or paying for web hosting. You are here at the site, so you know what we chose! The good news is that one of you will to get to fly with her on your broom of choice.  Good luck, and thank you again!  We are humbled.

Click here for the details: Win the Bishop Package!