Sunday, April 12, 2015

Deb Harkness sends love from London.

Update...we're only posting what we're concerned with right now, since we've already covered the other events she's outlined in her update in previous posts. We will however leave a link at the end, so you can read the all of the details directly from her!

From Deb (re: BBC All Souls production)

"BBC SERIES NEWS: Yes, it’s true! The BBC purchased the option on the entire All Souls Trilogy early in the year. At the moment, we’re thinking through how the books will be adapted to the screen so that writing can commence. After scripts are in, the BBC will decide if they want to proceed to filming. Then directors will be hired, locations and studio space arranged. Then, and only then, will casting begin. As you see, we are still a long, long way away from answering the question you all want answered: “who will play Diana and Matthew?” During this long process of development, you will get impatient and feel that you are in an information drought. It is true that there is a great deal going on behind the scenes, but we are not keeping things from you to be difficult or whip you into a frenzy. Making something on the scale of the All Souls Trilogy is a complicated business, and things shift and change all the time. When there is something definite to share, the BBC will share it. Until then, please know that everything is percolating beautifully, the team working on the project is absolutely first rate, and there is great excitement as the television adaptation begins to take shape. Stay tuned!"

Thats what we have right now, folks!  To see the rest of her post, click here: All Things All Souls: Spring Update