Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day! Another Chance to Win!

Happy Memorial Day! In celebration, we are launching ROUND 2!  The Book of Life paperback (and the paperback Trilogy set) goes on sale tomorrow!  You still have a chance to win one! Along with some cool AST swag to go with it!

This is for all of you who may be just joining us, and missed the contest last week.  Or those of you who did enter, but alas, didn't win.  Here's another chance!

About Round 2: It will be run exactly the same as Round 1, but the trivia questions are different, and we will run it longer this time (to give more people a chance at it).  Good luck, and for those who missed it last week, here are some other tidbits about "The Book of Life" and the Trilogy in general. 

To recap:
- Critics called THE BOOK OF LIFE “juicy and action-packed” (People), “superlative” (Miami Herald), and “extraordinarily rich…an unforgettable and spellbinding finale that's not to be missed.” (USA Today). You can see more praise here.

- Read a Q&A session with Deborah Harkness here: A Conversation with Deborah Harkness

- Deb’s THE BOOK OF LIFE Spotify playlist of the music that inspired her as she was writing can be listened to here: Author's 'Book of Life' Spotify Playlist

- Listen to clips of the Audiobooks read by Jennifer Ikeda (click the following links):
  * Clip of 'A Discovery of Witches'
  * Clip of 'Shadow of Night'
  * Clip of 'The Book of Life'

One more thing, and we'll leave you to it. This will save everyone time in the end!  We noticed a few things while drawing for Round 1.  We went through quite a few names prior to landing someone qualified to win.  Here are the situations we ran into:

  - When drawing an entry that required an entrant to follow us on social media, and they weren't following at the time of the drawing, they were disqualified.  If you follow us on social media for an entry, we will follow-up to check that you are indeed a follower at the time of the drawing. This does not apply to Facebook.  If you have no intention of following us on social media for at least the duration of the contest, then please do not opt to use those choices as entries.  You don't have to follow us, and we made sure we assigned high points to the trivia questions for that reason.
  - Wrong answers to trivia question entries: disqualified--for the trivia questions, it's open book!  Phone a friend!  'Google' it if you want to! Oh heck, 'Bing' it if you have to! We don't care how you get the answer, and spelling doesn't bother us.  We just need a correct answer.
  - Entering from an I.P. (Internet Protocol) address that wasn't in the U.S. - yes, Rafflecoptor has a feature that allows us to see the country you are entering from: disqualified.  This last drawing, we ran into this a couple of times.  We do hold internationally available giveaways often, it just happens that this is not one of them.  Keep an eye out, we hold these contests throughout the year!

Please read and follow the terms and conditions listed at the end of this post. We really want to give these items away, but we also want to be fair, and stay true to the letter and spirit of the giveaway. Thank you!

And last, but certainly not least: enter the giveaway!  This is Round 2!
- Included in this prize package:
  * Copy of 'The Book of Life' paperback
  * Diana's commonplace book (signed by Deborah Harkness)
  * A small mirror featuring the de Clermont ouroboros
  * A set of alchemical buttons!

We've given you many ways to enter!  You choose how.  Only the basic trivia question (very easy), is mandatory!  The rest are bonus entries.

For U.S. residents only.  We apologize to our non-resident friends. Since this giveaway is co-sponsored by Penguin books, there are international laws/restrictions that make it impossible for us to offer it to all of our followers. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:
- Contest ends the night of the 8th of June - midnight.  Clock is set for EST.  Check for time zone differences!
No purchase or membership is required for participation.
- Please know that we will never use your information to spam you, nor will we sell it to another agency.  We hate that, we know you do too.  :)
- Twitter users will have an opportunity to enter daily. 

- Point system correlates to how many entries you are given.  Example: if you respond correctly to a trivia question worth 3 points, you will be given 3 entries. 
- We reserve the right to disqualify entrants to who do not meet the specified criteria. 
- Winner will be chosen by random drawing (using the Rafflecopter app) at contest end.  Provided all the entry requirements are met (U.S. resident, trivia answer[s] are correct, or social media entry verifies), the winner will be contacted via email within 72 hours of contest end, and will have an additional 72 hours to respond afterwards. If there is no response, or the selected entrant fails to meet criteria, a new winner will be chosen and notified using the same method mentioned above.
- This promotion is sponsored by Armitage4Clairmont and Penguin Books.  It is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with any of the social media venues (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & Pinterest) we use to publicize it.  The aforementioned parties are hereby released of any liability. 
- This contest is open to U.S. residents only (again, we apologize to all of our worldwide friends!)  If you are entering from another country (vacationing/away on business) and are a U.S. resident -- meaning you have a mailing address that is a valid street address, and it is where you reside, attend school, or P.O. boxes -- please send us an email explaining your situation to avoid disqualification.  Email address listed below.

If you have any additional questions re: this giveaway - feel free to send us an email!  Email us at - Subject: "2015 Round 2 Paperback Giveaway"

Good Luck!

P.S. Special thanks goes to our point of contact at Penguin Books, and the publicity department.  They are the ones who made Round 2 (or Round 1, for that matter) a possibility for our fans and/or followers.   Thank you, Emma!