Friday, May 22, 2015

Remember the Past, Await the Future.

“Remember the past—and await the future.” ~ A Discovery of Witches

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of news and information re: AST and RA, and we've been taking it all in and sorting it.  This week was no exception!  But instead of storing the information, we figured we'd share some of what we gathered in the form of a week in review, or recap.  We'll do more of these in the future, especially when there is a lot going on with the Trilogy and/or Richard Armitage.

The week ending 22 May, 2015

With the help of Penguin Books, we hosted a giveaway! One lucky U.S. winner will receive an All Souls Trilogy themed prize pack that includes the U.S. paperback edition of The Book of Life, a signed Diana’s commonplace book, an ouroboros mirror and six alchemical buttons (pictured on the left).  Our giveaway has ended, but we Daemons may or may not have more up our sleeves...?  Oh, come on.  You guys aren't new!  Stay tuned to see what we 'may or may not' have coming!  You also can check Deb’s Twitter page to see what other giveaways are going on.  Also, Penguin Books surprises everyone now and then with a flash or pop up giveaway on Twitter.  Be on the look out, but we will do our best to retweet the details so you will know too (follow us!)

All Souls Trilogy related news and mentions:

•    The Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia was visited by our author to provide “a unique opportunity to explore the realms of history and science and our human desire to make sense of the world.”  An excellent recap by Allison Thurman can be viewed here:

•    While in Philadelphia, Deb happened upon something that reminded her of Marcus:

 •    Deb also reminded us that it was five years ago on May 17 that she was in Prague doing research for Shadow of Night.  A Discovery of Witches hadn’t even come out at that point!

•    Entertainment Weekly included the about-to-be-released paperback edition of THE BOOK OF LIFE in their summer paperback reading selections!  We agree!  It’s perfect for putting in your beach bag if you ask us!

See Deb's FB post on the Entertainment Weekly inclusion HERE.

•    There were All Souls Con ticket purchase reminders:  May 24 is the last day to purchase discounted early bird tickets for the first ever All Souls Con on 12 September 2015 in LA.  For more information, visit  They will also be hosting a giveaway featuring All Souls Trilogy trivia starting on May 26.

 •    Parnassus Books published an interview with Deb in their “lit journal", Musing.  Exciting new insights were revealed!  You can read it in detail here:  Parnassus Books Interview

•    Penguin Books re-read on Goodreads is still going strong.  A new poll was started and you can cast your ballot:  "What's your favorite book in the All Souls series?"  (The results of this poll have been hidden until Jun 23, 2015 11:59PM PDT.)  Vote: Goodreads Poll

•    And last but not least, this compelling interview with Deb on Boston's NPR station:

 Here & Now with Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson - 'All Souls Trilogy' Author, Deborah Harkness

Richard Armitage related news:

•    We got a preview of the upcoming season of Hannibal.  Richard Armitage will be in Season 3 taking on the role of Francis Dolarhyde.  Read about it here: E! Online coverage of Hannibal, Season 3

See the preview here: 

Video courtesy of the Hannibal Channel on YouTube

We loved this still shot from the Hannibal preview!

•    ‘Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel', the audiobook Richard Armitage narrated, celebrated its first anniversary.  Especially cool for us Daemons and All Souls Trilogy enthusiasts, because we are aware of just how much the All Souls Trilogy parallels many of the story-lines and themes in Shakespeare's Hamlet.  We adore the fact that our own 'head-canon' Matthew is the one reading it.  We also really, really enjoy listening to Richard's voice, but we digress! Take a small look back with this video:  Interview with Richard Armitage – narrator of 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel'

Video courtesy of Audible on YouTube

The Book of Life paperback goes on sale May 26, and Deb kicks off The Book of Life tour in the U.S. on the same date. 

May 26  5:00pm – 6:00pm EST  CANCELLED per Deb's FB announcement on May 24 
Shindig is hosting a video-conference Q&A with Deborah Harkness.  Reserve your spot:

Tour locations and dates for the week of May 25:

May 26 - 7:00 pm
Barnes and Noble, Metairie, Louisiana

May 27 – 7:00 pm

Malaprop's Bookstore/Café, Asheville, North Carolina

May 28 – 6:15 pm

Nashville Public Library, Nashville, Tennessee

May 29 – 7:00 pm
Politics and Prose Bookstore, Washington DC

As always, to see any additional details Deb has added, please visit her Event page on Facebook.

Throughout next week, here are other things to which we can look forward:
•    Deb will be posting the complete THE BOOK OF LIFE Spotify playlist.
•    She'll share some of the inspiring places she visited when writing the books.
•    The various The Book of Life giveaways will continue!

And that's what we have, dear fans/followers.  Until we have more to say (it'll be sooner, rather than later — trust us!), we bid you a great holiday weekend!