Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week 2 of 'The Book of Life' Run-up!

Here we go—waxing poetic about the series again!  Conveniently, it goes with what's happening now.  We are going on to our next phase of 'The Book of Life' paperback and the paperback boxed set release day run-up (release day is the 26th of May)!  Another goody from Penguin—samples of the audiobooks!  Big deal?  Yes!  If you haven't listened to them, you should at least listen to the samples to see if you'd like them.

We can honestly vouch for the quality of these audiobooks because all four of us actually own and enjoy all of them.  Jennifer Ikeda is brilliant!  We adore the books in this format.  It makes keeping a Daemon household less painful (listen to the books while cleaning!) and commuting to our day jobs more enjoyable (it keeps that pesky road-rage away)!  They are great by themselves or in conjunction with a tree-book or an ebook.  We can also vouch for the fact that you do pick up additional details by listening and reading!  You know us Daemons!  We live for the details!
- Sample clips of the Audiobooks read by Jennifer Ikeda here (click the following links):
  * Clip of 'A Discovery of Witches'
  * Clip of 'Shadow of Night'
  * Clip of 'The Book of Life'

That's the teaser this week.  More next week!  Much more.

FYI, Ms. Ikeda will be at All Souls Con.  Check it out!  They still have tickets available both actually and virtually!

On the 5th of May, Goodreads/Penguin Books hosted a reader Q&A session with Deb Harkness during the All Souls Trilogy re-read (all questions from readers - different from the one we posted last week).  We transcribed it - you can download/read it here: Goodreads Readers Ask Deb Harkness*Fun fact - there was some Daemon participation in the Goodreads Q&A session!  We are on the front lines of the AST world (it's our nature) - there when you least expect us! A bit more subtle than this, though: (click!)

We've posted it before, but just in case you missed it—as the paperback book release is coming up, so is the U.S. tour.  Check for locations near you: 'The Book of Life' Paperback U.S. Tour dates

For our regular RA4MC'ers—the other business:  Have you written the BBC?  Consider it. We believe Richard Armitage was meant to play Matthew Clairmont! Let's let the BBC know it.  It's the reason we are here!  Our secondary mission is to inform & entertain, which we can certainly do, because we love it!  Plus, it keeps us busy while we patiently wait for news on the television production front.  This way we avoid a general sense of ennui!  So until the time we hear more news on the BBC production, expect more AST information and indulgent whimsy!

P.S. The All Souls Trilogy audiobooks are all available on iTunes and Audible. You can also purchase physical copies in the form of CDs. Check with your preferred bookseller. Want to listen to the whole thing, but your book budget is tight? Visit your local library! Many libraries have extensive collections of audio books, so don't count them out! Also, if you join Audible, they often offer free audiobooks with trial memberships. This way you can try out Audible (it's compatible with iTunes and it's really a great source for audiobooks) and listen to your book of choice, free of obligation (make sure you read Audible's terms and conditions). We really hope you enjoy them!