Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hang in there, Crusaders . . .

Picture from Twitter user @twerkingthorin
Here we are with a little update!  Not sure how much people check this site anymore, because it hasn't changed since February!  We apologize!  There just hasn't been much to report these months.  We've been checking in on our Facebook and Twitter, but that's not a true update, is it?!  So, let us update you properly.  Here is where we are "officially" -- so to speak!

No news is good news, so far!  Yup, that's what we have.  Very anticlimactic, we are aware!  Bear with us: here's the latest from Deborah Harkness.  Seems they are closer to a television production, but nothing solid yet, and nothing we're interested in is something she can report on from now on.  If we hear anything else on this production it will be from the production/media company broadcasting it.  No real casting news, no really tangible bits of information.  Frustrating!  Nothing any of us control (including her), of course -- so we'll wait a bit longer and keep our eyes and ears on the ground when it comes to this issue, so when we know something, YOU'LL know something.  We promise, and as our followers know, we try to keep our promises!

Until we know more, we'll continue to post on social media.  We've been watching news on Richard Armitage (did you know he has an official Facebook page along with his Twitter?  He's keeping up with the times, our Richard!), checking pictures from the Epix premiere of Berlin Station, and fan's various pictures & posts all over social media after they've seen his off-Broadway show: Love, Love, Love.

Ok, Crusaders . . . we'll leave you here.  Stay strong!  What are we doing in the meantime?  Well, go visit us here at, to see what it is we are up to!  Also, we have a new podcast! will be the place to go to find that!  We've been staying occupied!  But we wanted to let everyone know that we haven't taken our eyes off of the prize.  However the casting process goes, it will effectively put a definitive end to this campaign.  We are preparing for all scenarios, and have determined that we will end it with dignity, no matter the outcome! The biggest thing we take from this, is that we owe our followers here a huge thank you!  Armitage4Clairmont is how we got our start in the business of - for lack of a better word - "fandom," and it remains close to our hearts! 

With patience and perseverance - until the very end,