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 About The All Souls Trilogy

A day of research at the library seems innocent enough. But it's not that simple when it involves a 1500 year old, self-loathing vampire Prince with blood rage, an acclaimed historian and witch in denial with a stunning legacy and an enchanted alchemical manuscript surrounded by mystery and death. The All Souls Trilogy takes readers on a trip across the globe and through history at the side of a vampire described as "not of an age, but for all time" and his beloved, a time walking witch. A mysterious, magical journey populated with real and imaginary characters from Tudor England to Modern day France, the All Souls Trilogy is a blend of historical and modern romance peppered with adventure and characters that will stay with you long after you put down the books. "A Discovery of Witches" and "Shadow of Night" are the first two books of the trilogy and the third -"The Book of Life" was released 15 July 2014. The Author's site and purchase information for the books are located on our "Links" page.

The Daemon All Souls Reading Guides

For those who are new to the series, or those who are revisiting it after putting it down for a while!  All three guides are available for your reading pleasure.  We hope that this will enhance your overall reading experiences!

Check our downloads page for the printable versions.  They are in .PDF format for accessibility.

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Why did we write these?   Well, we have a decent amount of followers and fans, and we realized that people follow us for completely different reasons. That’s what happens when you run a split-personality campaign—you get a wide range of diverse followers! Please know that we are grateful for all of you, whatever your reasons are for sticking with us. Anyway, some are just here because they share our intense love of the All Souls Trilogy. Our Pinterest boards cover a lot of that, and we do divert from our RA love on our social media to showcase many series items. We also realize that we have some fans that haven’t read the book(s)! They may have bought it, read two pages, and put it down. Some may have no intention on reading the series unless RA gets the part of Matthew Clairmont. You are free to do what you’d like! However, we will never stop encouraging people to read the All Souls Trilogy.  We hope these guides will enhance your overall experience as you journey through the books.  Happy reading!