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We are taking it 'Old School'
Yes! One good old-fashioned letter writing campaign. What?! That's not like us? We know. We tend towards the higher-tech side of things and keeping strict control over the message. But we've found that no one can express themselves like our followers. We know, because we have been watching you guys for over two years (since this campaign went public)!

We are reaching out to YOU all to express yourselves. There are no words that we can put in your minds as far as what makes Richard Armitage the perfect Matthew Clairmont for you! In the past, we've asked you why you thought he was perfect for the role. Your collective answers were absolutely perfect. Therefore, we believe there is no better voice for the final push in this campaign than YOURS. That's right! We are looking at YOU! 

We've kept it simple. We've made some downloadable templates that you can either print and write on, or open up in MS Word or a compatable program and type to your heart's content. Or use your own stationary! YOUR choice! :)

1. Write the BBC a Letter
Download the templates here: 
Here is an example:
(These are the same exact personal guidelines we've held ourselves to for all of our interactions with our fans or the public including different agencies/organizations)
A. Be kind.
B. Say what you feel! Be truthful.
C. Do not stray/be clear about your message: Richard Armitage being Cast as Matthew Clairmont in an All Souls Trilogy Production.

We've found several. We've narrowed it down, and these are the best ones to direct your messages to.
(Some will require Air Mail for people in the US...but we've also included addresses in NY and LA for internal mail fowarding)

Polly Hill
Head of independent drama

Broadcasting House
Portland Place
London W1A 1AA

Tessa Finch
Head of Development
Television Production

Broadcasting House
Portland Place
London W1A 1AA

****US Addresses****

ATTN: Polly Hill
Head of independent drama
BBC Worldwide Productions & Adjacent Productions and BBC Worldwide America
10351 Santa Monica Blvd.,
Suite 250
Los Angeles,
CA 90025

ATTN: Tessa Finch
Head of Development
BBC Worldwide America
1120 Avenue of the Americas
5th Floor
New York
NY 10036-6700

Write to all of them if you are feeling motivated! :) What would the Daemons do?! ;)

Never to forget our roots, we are still keeping it on Social Media---you know we couldn't resist!
Social media-heads....the below is for you:
2. For the die-hard social media fans: TAKE IT TO TWITTER!
For those of you who still love the thrill of social media and feel like you can get your message across in 140 characters or less, take your message to @BBC on Twitter. Don't forget to use the hashtag #RA4MC! You can tag us too (@Armitage4Clairm)....
Remember guidelines above: Say what you feel, be kind & stay on message! Repetition is NEVER BAD on Twitter. Try to vary the message, but the subject remains the same: #RA4MC

3. Let us know how you wound up contacting the BBC via:
Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.  Or if you'd like, send us a quick email.
We'd love to hear from you!