Our History

 We've stashed away our original little campaign site here for viewing.---> The original Armitage4Clairmont.com

“The leather bound volume was nothing remarkable” ~ Deborah Harkness
As we learn from Deborah Harkness, it is when you open the book that something remarkable happens.

Matthew Clairmont. Brilliant Scientist. Valiant Warrior. Broken Man. Richard Armitage. Insightful, talented actor. Dark and Shadowed man. For us, the only choice for this role. Richard Armitage is Matthew Clairmont.

We all have a story about where we were “when”.  This is the story About Us and where we were when we first saw Richard Armitage as Matthew Clairmont. Our story begins with a book. In 2011-2012, our reasons for coming to the book are as varied as fingerprints. “I read a book review,” “A friend made me read it,” “My book group picked it,” “I live in Oxford,” “I love history,” “I loved the book cover,” “I love witches (I am a witch!).”  Some of us are avid readers and read dozens of books every year, others read occasionally and some are audio books only folks.

 We all realized after reading ‘A Discovery of Witches' that we wanted to talk about our observations and reactions with someone!  Slowly, we stumbled upon an online discussion group and began discussing the book in detail, somehow forging a community.  There was an inexhaustible list of topics to research and discuss: mythology, the Crusades, spells, Oxford University, lost manuscripts, genetics, southern France, and wine, to name a few, but the most fascinating of all were the characters! We dissected them all - the main characters of Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont certainly, but also characters we only met briefly like Baldwin de Clermont and Agatha Wilson.  Smart, creative and articulate people from all over the world joined in these debates.  We wondered – am I a daemon, a witch, a vampire or  simply human?

As the discussion group continued to grow,  we all eagerly awaited the publication of the second book – 'Shadow of Night'.  The discussion group went nearly silent for two weeks when the book hit book stands as we avidly read the long awaited book, studiously avoiding spoilers.  Deborah Harkness continued to be the professor that she is and provided us with a whole new slew of topics to research.  Some of us planned a trip to visit Oxford and London to see the sights from the books!  And to be honest, we began chatting about our lives outside the book – we learned who loves wine, who loves to knit and who ignores the laundry to read and who needs prayers for patience with work and children and even for an ill loved-one.  We met each other with delight at book signings and had virtual birthday parties and bitch sessions late at night.  Yes, the cover may not have been remarkable, but what we all found inside was absolutely magical.  Friendship, kinship, and even love.

In the meantime, news came that the books had been optioned by Warner Brothers Pictures and that the screenplay was near completion.  Conversations turned to which actors could play different characters. Who would we cast as our beloved Diana and Matthew?  One actor quickly emerged as a favorite – Richard Armitage. We could all see the physical resemblance, as described, “Aquiline nose...tall, well over 6 feet...broad shoulders ...His hands were strikingly long and agile...his face: striking – all distinct planes and surfaces, with high-angled cheekbones meeting brows that shielded and shadowed his eyes.”  As with the book, we were not satisfied to take him at “face” value, so the research began.

Everything we learned about him seemed to cement in our minds his ability to play Matthew Clairmont.  In time, we simply couldn't  see it any other way. As fans of the book, we knew we had to take matters into our own hands to see Richard cast as Matthew. We even shared our love of the books with him - a gift which was met with a positive response. We want to do everything in our power to make our hope a reality – to see Richard Armitage cast as Matthew Clairmont.

Our love of a book that started as an unremarkable volume has grown into a whole community of friends, traveling companions and research assistants.  Language and culture do not divide us.  We see Richard Armitage when we read Matthew Clairmont.  We hope that by reading the books and visiting this site, you will too and join our crusade!

*UPDATE! - As of 8 February 2016 the production is being handled by Bad Wolf.  Deborah Harkness has provided the news in this post.